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Covid-19 regulations impacting our swimming club


We have received updates from Swim Ireland on the new regulations that need to be implemented by all swimming clubs. Please see link below and review before returning to the club. Please review the video below as well on managing social distancing.


Video - Pool set-up walk-through for swimming clubs to manage social distancing


The club has now appointed a Lead Covid-19 officer who can be contacted as follows;


Email -

Telephone - 07841 867538


Please read our updated return to water operating procedures. 

Also please familiarize yourself with the attached diagram showing entry and exit to the pool.   

Key Covid-19 points are as follows;


1. We need a Covid-officer on duty at all our sessions. This can also be the person on poolside duty as long as they have completed the 30 minute Covid Office training on the Swim Ireland website. This is a short e-learning module and there is no need to create a Swim Ireland profile to access it. We need all parents to complete this training so they can assist us with implementation of the guidelines. Please respond to the recent club whatsapp messages about completing this training. Thank you for your support.

2. Parents need to complete the return to water self-declaration form (click here) before their child's first session and bring it along and hand over to a club representative. 


3. At every session your child attends you need to complete the Covid declaration form. Unfortunately if there is a yes answer to any of the questions the child cannot join the session. The link will be submitted via WhatsApp groups.


4. Parents need to stay close to the leisure centre during the session in case their child needs to leave at short notice. The gallery will not be available. Updated contacted details should be provided to the club so we can contact you at short notice.


5. If you have any concerns at all please contact our Covid Officer on the email above. Further guidance will be issued directly from the club as we approach our return date.

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